The ManPlan Program

The ManPlan program supports men suffering from prostate cancer through information, education and exercise over a 10 week program. Focused on increasing muscle strength and endurance, the primary objective is to offset the side effects of cancer treatment. 

Clients will have access to 16 face to face sessions, partially covered under the Manplan.

These sessions can be used during our Forever Fit classes OR through the completion of a Home Based exercise program, as created by ManPlan.

If joining Forever Fit, ManPlan clients must attend the gym twice a week.


  • Initial and Final Assessments are free (funded by ManPlan)
  • 16 group sessions (1hour) at $5 a session at Maximum Results Forever Fit Classes

How to get started:

See your local oncologist who will send away a referral to ManPlan.
ManPlan will then contact the nominated practice of management and inform them of a new client (you).
The practice (us) will then contact the client to book them in for an initial assessment.

The referral will take time to process at ManPlan, so if you've registered with ManPlan, we will contact you as soon as we know you're in the system.